This is my current watch list.

Keep in mind that most of these stocks are trending one way or another. However not all of them are. As I explain in other places on the site, some tickers I watch out of curiosity about certain sectors.

So not to be cruel or anything, but if you are trying to learn the methods I use to trade, one of your first tasks is to learn to spot trends so you had better be able to figure out which tickers are trending vs. those that are not!  🙂

I’ll try to update this list monthly. Below is a link to download a CSV file.

How do I find these stocks?  I basically scan the bussiness news daily (I have no life, lol) and when I see an interesting item about a company, I pop the ticker into a free phone app I use to keep an eye on things and take a quick look at it. If it’s a trender I add it to my list.

While I’m always game to add suggested tickers to the list from you folks, there’s really no need, you can just swipe mine when ever you’d like!

Download CSV file Here!